Recognize the Symptoms of Diabetes

The full name diabetes is diabetes mellitus which means "sugar honey". The term "diabetes mellitus" comes from the Greek word which if translated means "to flow through the pipe by atmospheric pressure" and of the Latin language which can be translated as "sweet as honey".

Symptoms of Diabetes
Due to lack of insulin and sugar levels in the blood, then some common symptoms for people with diabetes either type 1 or type 2. If you are experiencing some of these symptoms, you should check to determine blood sugar levels. In general, some of the symptoms that occur include:
1. Frequent urination
2. Often feel very thirsty
3. Often hungry because they do not have enough energy so the body's hunger signals
4. Weight loss despite a sudden there was no attempt to lose weight. This is because when the body can not distribute the sugar into the cells, the body burns its own fat and protein for energy.
5. Frequent tingling in the feet or hands.
6. Experiencing problems such as itching or skin ulcers.
7. If injured, take longer to recover.
8. Behavioral changes such as irritability. The reason for people with type 1 diabetes often wake up at night to urinate that can not sleep well.
9. Easy to feel tired.
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