Skinny Jeans Decreased Sperm Count

Tight jeans are not only popular among women but also men. Because of this fashion trend, many men suffering from testicular disorders.

As reported by The Sun, (11/07), many men were injured in the testicles caused by wearing tight jeans.

Russell Brand, Jude Law, and Joey Essex is a celebrity who likes to skinny pants. Besides looking trendy, skinny pants make men more macho posture. Unfortunately, tight jeans for men brings a lot of havoc.

Investigate a calibaration, skinny jeans turned out to be harmful to the health of the male penis. Tight jeans can cause twisted testicle, urinary tract infections, decreased sperm count, and fungal infections.

Dr. Hilary Jones, who had worked with Tena in a project that highlights the dangers of tight jeans, said: "I have found several cases of men who twisted his testicles because he wears jeans that are too tight."
"My advice, make sure you wear comfortable pants in the groin area. Please do not come first before the health of style," he added.
Following the trend it is necessary, but we also need to know the side effects to health. So, make sure you choose the type of clothing that is safe for health. Once the dive, two islands are exceeded! Still exist and healthy, right?

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